Lang Lang,Virtuoso, Mentor & Ambassador of “l’Art de vivre à la française”

Lang Lang is one of the most successful classical pianists in the world, with the appeal and status of a rock star. He has performed for world leaders and worked with the world’s best orchestras and conductors. The prodigy has earned his place among the world’s greatest talents with an aura that now extends far beyond the confines of the classical repertoire. Lang Lang has a keen interest in child development and the important role that music can play in children’s lives. Behind this renowned artist hides a man of values and a strong supporter of “l’Art de vivre à la française“.

Luxe & Passions: You perform hundreds concerts a year around the globe, demonstrating enormous skill and an emotional, physical response to the music in every performance. Your extraordinary talent and personality have won the approval of today’s greatest conductors. With your stardom established you are now making it your mission to spread your love of classical music. How do you explain this craze and success?
I think the key factor is that I consider music communication. As I like to communicate I therefore like to share music with other people – with co-musicians, conductors, orchestras, but also with my audience, fans, not-yet-fans and students. I just love to surround myself with people and music.

L&P: You participated in a number of UNICEF events including fundraisers in Hong Kong, China, Japan and the United States. And a few years ago, you launched the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, an institution dedicated to musical education for today’s youth. Your purpose is to expand young audiences and inspire young musicians through various outreach programs and to raise funds for emergency humanitarian assistance. How can you reach the youngest generations influenced by electro or rap and who ignore who is Beethoven, Schubert or Rachmaninov?
I am convinced that music by Schubert or Beethoven is as passionate as the great pop or rock music. People often have a conception that classical music is somehow exclusive or that you have study hard before you can enjoy it. I believe that classical music is absolutely for everyone and via the new media and social networks I try to be in contact with new audiences and try to spark their curiosity. Sometimes I like to do fun collaborations with artists from the pop or rock world like for example Metallica or Pharrell Williams. I think this kind of exchange and open-minded approach helps us to connect with new audiences.

L&P: What will be your next goals?
I sometimes say that being a concert pianist is my first career. A few years ago I adopted my second career and founded the International Lang Lang Music Foundation to inspire and develop the next generation of musicians and music lovers. I am a passionate teacher and my next goals are to broaden my activities in this field. I have just developed my own teaching app and issued my own piano teaching method.

L&P: Recently, you have performed an exceptional recital in the intimate auditorium of the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Therefore, you contribute to highlight the image of France. What is your meaning of “l’Art de vivre à la française”?
The French Art de vivre to me has a lot to do with celebrating the beautiful things in life – the art, the food, fashion and I think it is a French specialty to make sure there is always room to enjoy these things.

L&P: You launched two fragrances “Amazing Lang Lang for Her” et “Amazing Lang Lang for Him”. What would be your favorite music to define these two fragrances?
The female fragrance is best represented by the sweet and light beauty of Chopin’s melodic lines whereas the male fragrance is dominated by its freshness. I think Mozart’s music would hit the spot.

L&P: What is your vision of luxury?
My vision of luxury is to be able to live my life as I like to live it. To have the opportunity to set my own goals and achieve them.

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