Caviar or “black pearl” is without doubt one of the finest symbols of gastronomic luxury, rare and exclusive. Since a few years, the overfishing of sturgeon has endangered the survival of the species. A Swiss company, ZwyerCaviar, a family business founded in 2007 by Alexander Zwyer and his sibilings and based in Appenzell, sells the world’s first ethical caviar produced thanks to breeding conditions respectful of sustainable development.

Luxe & Passions: ZwyerCaviar is the first ever “ethical” caviar brand. Could you explain what does it mean exactly?
Alexander Zwyer: It means our sturgeon are raised in conditions which match or superseed their natural habitat. It also means that our caviar is 100% traceable (our fish have a micro chip implanted) and that we take social and especially environmental responsability very, very serious (e.g. our entire operation is fully carbon neutral). Afterall, caviar is a matter of trust!

L&P: ZwyerCaviar is above all a family adventure. How did it began?
A.Z: It all began with a Christmas Diner in 2006 in the circle of our family. Where we’ve discovered that for the first time caviar from aquaculture exceeded the quality and freshness of so called “wild” caviar. It was also then that we realized that no strong global brand existed in this ultra-luxury market segment.

L&P: ZwyerCaviar is recognized as the ultra-premium caviar label. The brand has already scooped some prestigious awards. Rewards that make you want to go further?
A.Z: Yes of course! Building up a new brand, worldwide takes time, money and dedication. One small mistake and everything that you’ve worked for so hard vanishes over night.

L&P: Several ***Michelin-rated Chefs (Anne-Sophie Pic in France, Philippe Chevrier, Andreas Caminada or André Jaeger in Switzerland) place their trust in ZwyerCaviar. How do you manage this reputation? What are your plans and your future culinary partnerships?
A.Z: Yes it’s true, ZwyerCaviar has somehow become the choice of Michelin-Star Chefs around the planet, which proves that the brand lives up to its promises. In terms of product development, we’re about to launch the rarest of all caviars: The Almas or white caviar and we’re currently working on an innovative gourmet online store – called – with free of charge shipment to your door step! Last but not least we’ll surprise the gourmet community with our new gourmet food line.

L&P: Caviar is the perfect gift for an invitation among friends, for a gourmet dinner party with fine guests. You bring a lot of attention to the presentation of caviar in different packaging. The “Black Pearl” packaging appears like a piece of jewellery, expensive and luxurious. What is your secret to make your customers dream?
A.Z: Like for jewellery it’s the eye that must be seduced first. By positioning ZwyerCaviar as the “crown jewel” of all caviars, we’re elevating caviar from a mere food product to a life-style product, a life-style which can finally be enjoyed with a good conscience.

Crédits photos ©Zwyer Caviar

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